We recently got news that Nintendo opened up some of their IPs so they can be adapted into films, Lionsgate recently began early development on a Borderlands movie, and Hitman was treated with a rebooted movie. So at this point the news that Mega Man is the latest video game IP to gain its very own movie adaptation is no surprise, but if it, Mega Man is getting a movie.

If this was the 90s/early 2000s the we’d all be flipping our lids at this news, but adapting famous video games into movies seems to be the new thing in Hollywood. I’m not trying to downplay it, though. This new trend has allowed us to see our favorite video game characters in a new light (whether the light is good or bad is up to you).

When it comes to movie adaptations of popular video games franchises, I’m almost certain that the infamous live-action Super Mario Bros. movie makes it into any conversation in some form or another. It’s cyberpunk as hell, cheesy, tried a little too hard, took far too many liberties with the IP, and it has John Leguizamo playing Luigi. It made all the wrong choice, and that’s why it’s beautiful.

This brings me to my point: I think that in order for the Mega Man movie to please everyone it should do exactly what the Super Mario Bros. movie did. I know that Super Mario Bros. is often accredited with being the worst adaptation of a video game in history, but that’s why it’s so amazing. Hollywood has been hit with a trend of making video game movies and remaking other movies and movie goers have been hit with a trend of loving terrible movies.

The Room, awkwardly awesome. Birdemic, a beautiful pile of feces. Troll 2, the greatest cinematic disasterpiece in human history. Terrible movies is where it’s at, and they create the most honest laughs. It’s the purest form of comedy.

Of course, it’s kind of impossible to make a bad movie on purpose. The 3 movies I listed above were made with honest intentions, and that’s why we love them; we love seeing movies fail upwards. So here’s to hoping that the team behind the Mega Man movie make all the wrong choices, try too hard, and take too many liberties with the IP (bonus points if they can get John Leguizamo to play Dr. Thomas Light).

Although, I really hope they keep the cyberpunk aesthetic. I know it didn’t fit the Super Mario Bros. movie, but I think that the Mega Man movie will do it justice in a terrible way. Mega Man X and the Super Mario Bros. movie even look alike.

Mega Man screenshot Super Mario Bros

Mega Man the movie will be co-developed by 20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment, produced by Peter Chenin (New Girl and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), and has not been given any form of a release date just yet (due to only being an idea).

Judging by the little information available the movie is looking to be the good kind of good with a nice blend of sci-fi, action, and comedy, but I hope that this project ends up being the good kind of bad that does terrible upon release and slowly turns into a cult classic.

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