The newest film in the massive franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is nearly among us. What better way to celebrate the Star Wars legacy than to sit down and go over the times it disappointed us. The list will not just be merely scenes, characters or just listing every prequel film but rather examining the franchise as a whole.

We are fully aware that not everyone will agree with this list and for this reason, we welcome your own Top 10 in the comments below. So, sit back and enjoy!


10. Star Wars: 1313 Never Being Made

This action-adventure developed by LucasArts looked absolutely incredible. The game’s focus was on more of a gritty, mature look at the Star Wars universe. The game play would focus on gadgetry and weapons based combat similar to the 2002 title Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. 1313 was originally showed off at E3 2012 and then again that year at the Spike Video Game Awards. What fans got to see was an impressive demo unlike anything made before. Unfortunately, a year after, Disney bought LucasArts and ceased the Star Wars: 1313.


9. Disney Calls It Quits On The Clone Wars


Chalk this one up to Disney cleaning house again. If George Lucas ever did anything right in his latter years at the helm of this franchise, it was allowing The Clone Wars to exist. The CGI animated television show added unique perspective to the prequel films, better character development and followed the war far closer. Thanks in part to some fantastic writing, fans were treated to some of the best storylines the franchise has ever known. Unfortunately, when Disney bought out LucasFilms, they ceased production of the show at season six. The remaining seasons that LucasFilms had pre-planned for (roughly three more seasons) were thrown out.


8. Anakin Skywalker Was Never Really Heroic


This pick is a bit of a jaded one. On one side, thanks mostly to the efforts of The Clone Wars, Anakin was a hero. He was the General of some great battles, saved some troops and he carried deeply over Obi-Won Kenobi and his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the prequel films. Anakin was painted as a bad apple from the beginning. Sure, he did destroy a huge Trade Blockade ship in The Phantom Menace. Beyond that, what did he do besides complain about Kenobi, break Jedi rules, murder Tusken Raiders and slice off Dooku’s head? The prequels failed to emphasize a hero fall and lose himself but rather a man who was really always lost.


7. Vader Yelling No (Both Times)

Vader’s yell at the end of Revenge of the Sith has become infamous around the webs. Mainly for it’s satirical purposes and not the original intent by creator George Lucas. For some reason, Lucas never quite grasped the fact that characters can emote pain without expressing it as over the top or ridiculous.The scene at the end of Revenge of the Sith, showing a newly encased Darth Vader was powerful, up until he yelled ‘Nooooooooooo’. Really Lucas? To makes things slightly worse, he went in and added that same ‘No’ over Vader tossing the Emperor over the balcony in Return of the Jedi. A wonderful arc-ending moment ruined because Lucas cannot quite grasp the idea of show don’t tell.


6. Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Was Never Made

Technically speaking, the ten years between Battlefront II and the new franchise take from EA, Battlefront, there was two iterations of a Battlefront III. Free Radical Design had the first take, with it being the closest to the original Battlefront games. Not only that but it would feature continuous space to ground battles, something fans were excited for. Unfortunately, LucasArts did not want to fund the game or market it either. The other take was from SOCOM developer, Slant Six Games, called Star Wars Battlefront Online. Not much was known about the title beyond it being online only. Electronic Arts now has the rights to the Battlefront franchise and has created what I would call a ‘soft’ reboot. The new title, Star Wars: Battlefront, has little to no features of the original games.


5. Ewoks Defeat An Imperial Army


The original idea for Return of the Jedi was that Chewbacca’s species, the Wookies would take on the Imperial Stormtroopers. Unfortunately, Lucas thought the Wookies were too advanced and not primitive enough, so the Ewoks were born. The creation of the Ewoks and their play in Return of the Jedi has largely been confusing to Star Wars fans. Are we really supposed to believe teddy bears would take out Stormtroopers? Especially with such ease? The entire thing never quite made sense and was one of the most baffling decisions George Lucas ever made.


4. Lucas Adds In Digital Alterations

Random CG added into the background. An awful CG rendering of Jabba in A New Hope. Hayden Christiansen appearing in Return of the Jedi, despite Luke never seeing Anakin in that way. All these changes and many more were baffling choices by George Lucas. I understand the digital alterations to the ships, explosions and sound effects help the decades old transfers but why the goofy CG in scenes? Some of these decisions that Lucas made were highly questionable and added nothing but disgust to the already almost perfect trilogy.


3. Disney Throws Out The Expanded Universe

Star Wars

The cries of many nerds over the galaxy can be heard, very loudly. When Disney bought the rights from Lucas, it was quite clear they wanted a fresh slate. The prequels had clouded the great franchises name and the Expanded Universe had created so many different story lines. They needed to refine it and make more sense out of it. That being said, I don’t think most expected them to turn their back on everything as they did. While the Expanded Universe was never taken as cement, it did add a layer of lore to the Star Wars mythology, with thousands of books, comics, television shows, etc. Disney’s denial of the lore seemed quite crass.


2. That Star Wars: Holiday Special Movie

This was a possible number one contender. George Lucas has sworn off this film ever since it has been conceived (so he says) and has been quoted a lot as actually hating it. Not only was the film extremely bad, featuring a horrible Wookie plot but most of the acting was phoned in (Harrison Ford was about to end his life several times). Not much is to be said about this extremely bad film besides the fact that it exists and for some reason, was green-lit by someone.


1. The Prequel Films

Star Wars

Number one probably comes at no surprise. Yes, we are fully aware that people will defend these movies (for whatever reasons). We are also fully aware that there are even some ‘okay’ to ‘good’ moments in these movies. However, largely speaking, that does not make these films quality, or even come close to that of the original trilogy. Not only was the trade negotiation plot absurdly boring, as were all the wooden characters (Thanks, Lucas) but the focus was in the wrong place. Darth Vader has always been an intricate and exciting character but one that Lucas never really needed to explore. Again, Lucas struggles with the idea of emotion through motion and falls back to people wanting to talk about it (this being evident in an entire trilogy focusing on the emotion of one man). Vader was never ‘Space Jesus’ and while he did bring balance to the force, he was never the center of the Universe.

Disney has rolled a lot into this franchise. Heck, the purchasing of LucasFilm alone was over $4 billion dollars, not including the green-lit trilogy, countless anthology films or two large theme parks. Disney has built Star Wars to be too big to fail.

However, the Star Wars franchise is in new hands, with a hopeful fan in JJ Abrams. Does that mean this movie will be perfect? No, but I think fans will find themselves far from disappointed come this December.

What do you guys think are the top ten most disappointing things in the Star Wars universe? Do you think The Force Awakens will disappoint? Tell us in the comments below!

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