Batman v Superman is here. The reception isn’t great. The box office results are pretty good, but it isn’t showing much leg throughout. That being said, the consensus from most is that Ben Affleck stole the show. Rightly so, the renowned writer, director and actor embodied both a damaged Bruce Wayne, and a battled Batman. We here at GNG decided to put three stories that we would love to see Affleck (writer) adapt for the big screen, and further flex his muscles! Of course this is all opinion, so feel free to add your own in the comments!


Under The Red Hood/Death In The Family


With what we have seen in regards to Robin’s ‘status’ in Batman v Superman, this might be the most obvious choice. For those who are unaware, Robin(Jason Todd) was baited into saving his Mother from The Joker. In doing so, he was captured, tortured and inevitably killed by The Joker. This event sent a shock wave through the comic world, only to manifest into a rather compelling story line decades later. Todd would later resurface as red biker helmet, The Punisher wannabe, Red Hood. The character’s actions and motivations were truly much different than the dark knight, eventually ending in a large confrontation between the two. The story was powerful in so many ways, particularly for Bruce Wayne. Batman took on sidekicks, especially orphans, so they wouldn’t feel alone like he did, and gave them the ability to fight the system. Todd dying helplessly struck Batman in a powerful, resounding way, that he often felt guilt over it. This would be powerful, more so with Affleck’s great performance.




Batman: Venom is one of the lesser known, quality one shots to appear featuring Batman. For those who unaware of the story, Batman fails to safe a young girl from drowning. Blaming himself, Bruce Wayne decides to go under an experimental drug, Venom, to give himself superhuman abilities, to stop things like that from ever happening. Why would this story work so well? For starters, it plays with the fact that Batman is in fact, a human, like the rest of us. One of his chief problems with Superman in Batman v Superman is the fact that he is an alien, with incredible power, so it would only be fair for him to be tormented with his human bounded power. Not only that, but it deals with Bruce Wayne’s em-battlement with addiction, and the power that it comes from it. This would be a captivating story, one that would fit with the dark grittiness this DCU has created.




Out of the entries, Hush might be the most ridiculous, most ‘Hollywood’ of all the stories here, and that’s why it fits so well here. Hush, the title of Jim Lee/Jeph Loeb’s story run, is also named after the villain, Hush. The story here is a bit extravagant, even delving on the soap opera side, as Thomas Elliot, friend and renowned surgeon plays numerous mind games with Bruce Wayne. Wayne finds out that his Father, Thomas Wayne, a surgeon, failed to save both of Elliot’s parents, deciding he would then blame Bruce Wayne for this. In fact, Elliot, envy of his childhood friend’s passed on wealth, decided he would attempt to kill his parents (but failed to do so). See what I’m saying about being a bit ‘dramatic’? So, why would this story work, or be great to see on the big screen? For starters, the series bolsters fantastic visuals, utilizing multiple settings, characters and some quality narrative drive. No, the story isn’t fantastic, but the execution, mixed with character motivations, really help craft a great Batman story. Furthermore, the tremendous fight sequence between Batman and Superman is far more satisfying than the one we saw in Dawn of Justice.


Batman has been around for 75 years. That’s 75 years of creativity, and imagination that bolster one of the greatest created characters ever. The character clearly has a diverse universe to adapt from, and it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see Ben Affleck (solo Batman film writer) to create a unique story. If this does happen, we would be open with this, as Affleck’s creative talents has led to some excellent works (Argo, Good Will Hunting, The Town and Gone Baby Gone).

What would YOU like to see adapted?

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