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After losing two seasoned acting veterans (J.K. Simmons and Michael Keaton), Skull Island might be on its way of obtaining two rising stars, Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell.

Both Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell starred in the very popular Straight Outta Compton and it has done them well. Although Jason Mitchell has yet to be a confirmed cast member for Kong: Skull Island, Corey Hawkins on the other hand has. If both stars do get casted for their respective roles, it will mean that they will be acting alongside Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Toby Kebbell which can only mean good things for the two up-incoming box office stars.

Kong: Skull Island will not be released until 2017, and is yet to begin filming (due to cast building), will be jointly made by Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures, and will be one of the first blockbusters to kick-start the shared Legendary Monsters Universe (others include Godzilla, Kaijus, and Jaegers).

The film will be set in the 1970 and aims to bring a new spin on the origin story of the titular monster, King Kong. There isn’t much else known about the movie other than it will be following a crew of explorers on a trip to Skull Island were they will most likely come face to face with the legendary beast himself, King Kong.

Other projects of Mitchell’s include a role in a crime drama called Vincent-N-Roxxy where he will be co-starring alongside Emile Hirsch and Zoë Kravitz, and a Jordan Peele written comedy called Keanu where he will be co-starring alongside Jordan Peele’s TV show partner Keegan-Michael Key.

Jason Mitchell is surely aiming to establish himself as a well-rounded, cross-genre actor and if all his project turn out to become even moderate successes it will prove that Jason Mitchell is a rising star worthy of keeping your eyes on.

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