Batman v Superman had a great opening weekend. Unfortunately, due in part to negative reviews, mixed fan reactions and overall mixed opinions, the film is showing a growing box office fatigue. The latest reports show that the blockbuster will not pass a billion worldwide. This is obviously a significant failure from WB, Zack Snyder and team. Rumors indicate a final push to break the billion dollar mark.

The final push? The anticipated Rated R, extended cut that so many fans have been looking forward to, might be the next release to theaters. This release would come before DVD/Blu Ray and would be the final push to the billion dollar mark for the film. WB has been considering their options, and depending on this weekend, it might be an option worth taking.

What do you think of this extended 3 hour, Rated R cut coming to theaters? Would it be enough to draw you back in? Let us know!

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