Rimworld by Tynan Sylvester, is a Sci-Fi colony simulator. This game revolves around the player maintaining a newly built space colony.

With so many simulator games out none feel like this game does. The game is very easy to pick up, but is also very hard to master; making it very playable for both veterans and beginners to enjoy.


Rimworld has you choose at the start of every game the scenario in which you would like to play. You can either be crash landed with three characters, a single explorer who brings all of his wealth with him, or five lost tribes people who attempt to rebuild. These scenarios heavily impact your gameplay experience and once you find one that you very much enjoy you will find yourself always choosing that one.

RimworldYou are then to select the difficulty you would like to play at, in the form of choosing an AI storyteller. Within choosing the AI storyteller you can also select a sub-difficulty within these AI storytellers (ie. Freeplay, Basebuilder, Rough, Challenge, Extreme.) Once the AI is selected you are to select a landing site which range from an extreme desert to a tropical forest.

We then continue on to the character creation stage. The character creation tab is not as in-depth as something from Skyrim, due to you having multiple characters and it being more of a strategy simulator. The very interesting thing about the character creation is that it does matter how you go about your characters. They run by different numerical skills (ie. Shooting, Melee, Social, Medicine, Cooking, etc)  that can give you a good start when building your colony. They also come with traits that can be positive (ie. hardworking) or negative (ie. depressed) which can really help or cripple your character in certain points of your gameplay.


Once the game is loaded with your world and characters, a short message explains to you that your crew has managed to get to the escape pod before your mother ship is torn apart. Some time later, you land on this unknown Rimworld. It is now time for you to help your survivors.. Survive!

You can start this by seeing this generated world that was created for you, and decide where you want to set up shop. Once decided, you can either begin fortifying your area or just gain resources to build new structures. You then handle the game as different situations occur, ranging from raids to someone very sick.


The visuals in Rimworld are very basic and nothing too extravagant. The gameplay is enjoyable enough that you don’t ever really mind the aesthetic look of the game. The zoom percentage at which you would normally play at, make the characters and models very minuscule on your screen. The colors used in the game are very standard and does not have anything too flashy. There are mods that can change the visuals to your liking, and many more to come.

Rimworld is a very unique and enjoyable game. It is a tidy game with a wonderfully chaotic gameplay. After a few runs you will want to change things up and up the difficulty or even just try to have a “perfect” run. If you ever feel like you’ve had enough of the game you can always download mods from the Steam Workshop to have a different feel for the game. I have only scratched the surface of Rimworld and hope to play more! I recommend everyone to pick up their digital download from steam for just $29.99

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