A new agenda set in motion by Playstation is the Playlink. It is going to be a group of games developed to be played in a group which will fall into the party game genre. Playlink will be played by using mobile devices making it easier for anyone to play instead of having to spend the money on another couple of controllers it aims to allow anyone with a smartphone to play. Playlink is also designed entirely to bring friends closer together and families closer as it is multiplayer based.

Hidden Agenda

One of the games joining the Playlink is that of Hidden Agenda. The game will be a police drama which will play similar to Until Dawn in the sense that it’s a choice driven narrative. Within the game, you control a group of police officers conducting investigations. The choice you can make decide whether the characters live or die.

With each choice given the group must vote on the choice to make.There will also be things called hidden agendas which will give a player or players an objective to complete such as getting the group to make a special choice without the rest of the group know. With the use of mobile devices as the controller, these choices are able to delivered specially to each person.

That’s You!

The second game shown to be a part of Playlink is the opposite of Hidden Agenda. This game is named That’s You which aims to be a pure party game. This game gives simple fun tasks such as taking a picture of someone in your group and then drawing them as a police officer or voting on choices like who would laugh at the stupidest joke and other fun things like this. The game aims to add a fun aspect to gaming and be available for anyone in all age groups.

Other games will be launching with the Playlink genre but they were not shown at Sony’s E3 conference. Stay tuned with us to keep updated on all of the best gaming news and updates.

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