I have said and will always say, that it’s not a question of if, but rather of when the sequel gets made. The precise makeup of it, I have no idea. Whether I will be in it, no idea. Whether they would even want the original cast in it, no idea. But it doesn’t matter. It’s bigger, it’s actually bigger than everybody. It’s bigger than even Steven (Spielberg), who created it. It’s bigger than Richard Donner, who breathed such strong life into it. It’s now a part of American cultural lore, and the studio has a lot to gain from promoting it, so you can take it to the bank that people will get to enjoy it more.

The above quote comes from Mikey (Sean Astin) himself as a promotional update for his 2015 Wizard World Tulsa convention appearance.

As tantalizing as his quote may seem, it can be said for just about any movie held highly through nostalgia.

Mr. Astin has no direct connection with the studio behind the The Goonies (Warner Bros.), so his confirmation in regards to a sequel for the film stands very little ground. However, it is highly likely given that sequels, reboots, and remakes are Holllywood’s biggest money makers at the moment.

If the The Goonies 2 does end up happening, Sean Astin isn’t too sure if he and the original cast will brought back for the project. Given that most of the cast is in their mid-40s, it’s highly likely that they will not be brought back to star in a movie about adventurous children. If anything, some of the original cast might be brought back to make small cameo appearances.

Chunk (Jeff Cohen) on the other hand is the least likely to come back due to his lack of interest in revitalizing his famous portrayal of Truffle Shuffle Chunk.

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