2017 is starting off as a the year Nintendo makes headline after headline; controversy follows the little hybrid gaming device like a bad cold.

Many people continue the debate on whether the 32GBs that come with the Switch will be enough to hoard up on games Xbox Live style. That fire can be eased a bit with the fact that the Switch will be utilizing cartridges, not disks, which aren’t as heavy in the memory consumption.

To ease the fire some more, a Wall Street journalist named  has confirmed an extra detail about the Switch that may be the final deal maker or deal breaker for gamers:

In a move that is very unheard of in today’s gaming market, the Nintendo Switch will seemingly only have the UI and games to take up its system memory.

A gaming device only made for gaming? Where’s my torch?!

In all seriousness, what seems like a very purist move for Nintendo to make, may actually be a big No-No stamp on the device.

Every gaming device out today has some form of added, pre-installed features. Whether it’s some form of video playing functionality, ghost installed apps, or some extra flair to attracts people over to their system.

Of course, this news is expected to come with its obligatory internet rage war. Personally, I like this decision.

A bare-bones, no fluff gaming device sounds perfect and a smart decision for a gaming company to make for intelligently utilizing their base 32GB system memory (which can be expanded, but will cost you a pretty penny if you want to jazz it up).

I have a good sense of smell, my dog learned how to fetch on her own, I can quote that one scene from Chamber of Secrets where Ron is being lectured by his I doing this right?
  • Elliot Gindi

    It won’t cost “a pretty penny”. You don’t have to buy SD cards with Nintendo printed on them..

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      if you think $360 dollars MINIMUM for a system that pails in comparison to its competitors isn’t paying a “pretty penny” then you must be crazy!

    • I…I know that…I say so in the article itself

      • Elliot Gindi

        Now that you point it out I guess “jazz it up” could mean Nintendo branded? I definitely didn’t read it that way.