Official Nintendo Switch Unboxing is Nauseatingly “Enthusiastic”


You all like drinking games, right? Take a shot every time these two say “box” during the Nintendo Switch Unboxing video above.

If you aren’t plastered before minute 1, call me and I’ll give you a prize (number located below).

Unboxing videos are about as simple as it gets when it comes to YouTube content. You get a thing (preferably something that comes in a box), you set up a camera, you open it…or Unbox™ it (FineBros trademark pending)…and then you’re done.

Just sit back and wait for that fat $10 YouTube check.

However, a video has surfaced that has made the process of viewing an unboxing as headache-inducing as actually unboxing something; why in the world are those plastic bags so hard for my soft liberal hands to open?!

By faking their excitement for the Nintendo Switch and unboxing it at the pace of a sloth, they manage to bore anyone who comes across it.

Though, don’t blame them. Someone in marketing probably thought to ‘get with the times’ and make an unboxing video. Then proceeded to find two random employees and place a camera in front of them.

Also, where are the close-up shots? Aren’t these videos made to give viewers a closer look at the product?

I’ll stop, this article is getting too long for comfort. It’s just a silly and simple Nintendo Switch unboxing video anyways, and I’m no Unboxing Aficionado™.

Winners of the Box Drinking Game can call the following number to claim their prize: 1 (800) No.


  1. I managed to last 32 seconds before I wanted to put my fist through the monitor. Awesome job, Nintendo. I’d rather repeatedly slam my genitals in a car door than purchase your console, and it’s pretty much down to this video. Your marketing staff need to be slapped… with a nine iron.

    • Some would rather just not by the console; simple as that. You’d slam your genitals with a car door. I like that fiery passion!

      Though if you do make it to the end of the video, you can notice that they are left will so little spirit an energy.

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