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NintendoNintendo’s newest ‘console’ has been making a lot of buzz following the days since it was announced. First it was for the launch price of $299.99 which seemed to have caused a thick divide between people who deem it worth it and those who think it is far from a good deal. After that, controversy came in the form of the device not necessarily being a full-on console nor a full-on portable as it lacks basic specs to compete in either of the two markets.

As the heat was fading on the Nintendo battle, another one arose in the form of a third-party creation.

Although many debate on whether the 32GB memory the Switch will come with is enough, Nintendo made it possible for players to add in extra memory space via an SD card slot.

Fantastic, right? Sort of…

Although they have gone on to say that any Micro SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) will work just fine with the Switch, Nintendo and HORI have made their own line of Nintendo Switch specific SD cards.

They will run you about double as much, but do literally the same job; extend the Switch’s memory.

What’s the difference? Well, it has the Nintendo Switch logo on it; that looks nice I guess.

The HORI website has listings for both a 16GB and a 32GB Nintendo branded SDHC card for ¥1,980 (approx. $17.24 USD) and ¥3,480 (approx. $30.61 USD) respectively.

For anyone who has purchased SD cards in the past, that is far too expensive. And, that’s not including the Amazon listing price which cost even more.

Although you could argue that not all SD cards are the same, #NotAllSDs, Sandisk (a very well-trusted SD card manufacturer) sells a 16GB SDHC card for $9.66 USD and a 32GB SDHC card for $12.95 USD on Amazon, and each will work just fine when inserted into a Switch.

Before you start lighting those torches and marching over to Nintendo HQ, we do not know if this price point is solely Nintendo’s doing. It could very well be HORI attempting to trick unformed buyers into paying more for a product that offers nothing more than what competitors do.

However, Nintendo has, in past and even recently, priced peripheral items a little too high for comfort’s sake. Just look at the Switch Pro Controller? It costs $70!

I know, the Xbox One Elite controller costs even more ($130), but at least that one offers other things alongside its basic controller function.

Regardless, this Switch Branded SD card seems to only be planned for a Japan release, but if it makes it into the States, be warned; don’t buy it. You’re better off with a SanDisk SD card

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