The greatly anticipated new-range of graphics cards from Nvidia have been announced.In particular, the new GTX 1080 is supposedly going to greatly improve efficiency and performance compared to last years 980. The card features the brand new, Pascal Architecture which according to them is 2x more efficient than the Maxwell models. The card also features 2560 cores, 7.2B transistors and ‘Simultaneous Multi-Projection Technology’ which corrects the picture when you have them angled. This will improve you gaming experience as you won’t be able to notice the curve and out-of-place shapes in your game when using more than one monitor.

The card has an 8gb memory buff along with a brand new ‘vapor chamber cooler’. Many people have speculated that this is essentially built-in water cooling which will be a first for reference GPU’s. For ports, it features Dual Link DVI, 2 HDR ports and 2 HDMI ports (it is worth noting that the HDMI and HDR ports can output 60hz and 120hz respectively).

Perhaps even more importantly, however, is the announcement of the 1070 which according to Nvidia, will outperform the Titan X. The card will only cost around $350, however, the Titan  was Nvidia’s top tier card when released last year and cost $1000.

The 1080 is going to be available on May 27th for $599 and the 1070 on June 10th for $379. The cards have already raised many questions among the PC community and hopefully, they will deliver on the claims stated by Nvidia.

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