For those of you not in the know, a little while back Nintendo announced that they will be shifting gears and begin working with mobile game developers, DeNa, to bring consumers games to the mobile platform.

Now for many of us this was both somewhat of a dream come true and a tad worrisome. Nintendo is known to thrive in the handheld gaming department with their exceptional handheld devices like the DS and Gameboy series, and have always shown an interest in the mobile market as the industry began to become more and more omnipresent in the gaming sector. So it was something that fans were wanting. But with Nintendo’s announcement, it begs the question of, “is Nintendo slowly leaving the console market?” Most likely not, but with the failure of the Wii U, and plummeting of their stocks, it may be something of a concern.

But that’s a whole different topic. What you need to know is that Nintendo announced that they’ll be starting to make games for mobile devices, and also announced that they’ll be bringing their first application in 2015. Great! So this means that we’ll get to see one of Nintendo’s incredible characters finally come to our 5 inch slabs of metal! What’s it going to be? Zelda? Mario? Metroid?


Well, no. Nintendo has just announced Miitomo – A “game” that allows players to create their own “Mii,” (a cartoon version of yourself) answer a series of questions, and communicate with their other “Mii” friends. “Tomo” is translated into “friend” in Japanese. Nintendo further describes the “game” as an online social medium, where individuals who are “reluctant to express their feelings in public” can do so in this “game.” (because clearly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Reddit, YouTube, and Tinder, aren’t enough.) The app, though was in the works for a 2015 release date, will now be releasing in 2016.


Are you kidding me Nintendo?! You literally could have done anything else, slabbed Mario’s face on it, and you would’ve been better off. We might’ve complained, but to begin your journey into the mobile games market with some cheap social media mobile app with a “Mii” gimmick and call it a game, is ridiculous.

Nintendo has said that consumers and fans should not expect the usual Nintendo quality with their first game since they are still trying to find their footing. And that is completely understandable. But give us something.

You’ve already not given us anything for the Wii U in terms exclusive IP’s such as Metroid, Zelda, or even a new Super Mario Galaxy, so do yourself a favour and give us anything related to those titles. It might suck, but at least it would show that you’re trying something new (something that your company has always prided itself on.)

It didn’t even need to be a full-fledged game with high-end graphics. You could’ve made a 2D Mario platformer, have it only be one world, with graphics of the original NES game, and it would still be better than this! Fans would have loved that.

I understand that game development is hard and it takes resources and fresh ideas to come up with new games. Especially with a company like Nintendo that has such a long history with so many games of each of their IP’s. But I’m sure the money and resources that was spent in creating Miitomo could have been used to create anything authentic Nintendo related.

Nintendo needs to know that their IP’s hold extreme value, and if they focus on creating new games that circulate any of the franchises, and assure that it at least holds a thread of the usual Nintendo quality, they are bound for success.

Furthermore, the mobile platform is completely different. Even if smartphones nowadays carry commendable 3D graphic capabilities, the types of games that exist, from endless runners, to puzzle games, to unique adventure games, the possibilities are endless. With the imagination and creativity the team(s) at Nintendo have, I’m sure they could easily make a classic Nintendo game surrounding one of their beloved characters. *cough* Samus.

Oh well, maybe next year…or the year after that

What are your thoughts? What do you think about Miitomo? Where do you think Nintendo is heading with their mobile gaming venture? Let us know in the comments!


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