Let’s start off this already amazing story with the amazing story that set up the foundation for this amazing story.

When 43 year-old Mohammed Abad was just 6 years-old, he was in a horrible car accident that left him without a penis. After being hit by a car, Abad was dragged for 600ft until he came to a stop. This incident alone is enough to warrant its own story, but the aftermath of this incident is what is causing quite the commotion.

Since being left without a penis, Abad endured multiple surgeries in order to obtain himself an artificial and working penis. Through the utilization of a skin graph from his left arm, doctors were able to give (or better yet, bless) Mohammed Abad with an 8-inch bionic penis.

The 3 main pieces to Mohammad’s 8-inch piece include: 2 rods running down the side of the penis, a reservoir  pump located inside of his stomach that holds the fluid, and a pump located in his testicles that he has to manually pump before having sex.

It may not be the most ideal penis, given that he has to do more handwork than the average man, but I’m sure that every guy everywhere would like to congratulate Mohammed Abad for his new penis and wish him the best of luck with the ladies.

P.S. just in case the description of how his junk functions is too hard to picture, I will include a neat little graphic The Sun created in order to better demonstrate what it is Abad is packing.

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