Kung Fury

Kung Fury is one of the most ridiculous, asinine and overwhelming films you will ever see. To most films, this would be a huge negative…but not here. For the previous reasons listed and so many more, Kung Fury is one of the most surprising gems you will find out there.

Kung Fury follows the title character, a Miami Police Officer with his partner, Dragon, as they follow a Red Ninja (reasons completely unknown). They eventually corner the Ninja in an alley, who surrenders and then somehow manages to cut Fury’s partner, Dragon, in half. From here, Fury is struck by lightning and then bitten by a Cobra; giving him ridiculous powers (seriously, anything you can imagine he does). Through strange and unexplained means, Hitler finds a way into the 1980s. Fury is then tasked with defeating him to protect the people of Miami.

When your partner is a dinosaur for absolutely no reason...
When your partner is a dinosaur for absolutely no reason…

If you read that plot and kept saying, “Wait, what?” then you are in the correct category. No, that summary was not mixed words but largely the plot of this short film. Fury is far from conservative in the plot department; employing the ‘kitchen sink’ tactic. Everything goes here and this is one of the film’s strongest elements.

That being said, there is not enough adjectives to describe how exactly insane the plot gets. Fueled by fantastic visuals that go from flashy CG to 80s renderings, Kung Fury is a salute to the 1980s. It’s high intensity action set pieces are fueled by nostalgia and B-Cop movie innuendos. The look, feel and aesthetics are so over the top and it never lets off the, “Did that really just happen?” moments.

The What The F Moments Include:

  • Fury ripping a Nazi Soldier’s spine out saying, “I got your back.”
  • Fury’s new partner, Triceracop (half man, half triceratops) shooting dozens of Nazi’s in the balls selectively.
  • A dozen foot tall Thor who flexes his pecs.
  • Dragon, Fury’s partner, getting cut in half, only for his tongue to be included on the other side of his cut half.
  • Hitler killing half a Police station full of cops by firing into a telephone
  • Fury travels back to the 1940s, uses a Tiger(German) tank, and crushes two soldiers with it by the end of the turret.

Kung Fury works as an excellent exploitation film, much like Black Dynamite, but instead of black culture, its focus is B-movies and 80s culture. Thanks in part to David Sandberg, the film’s writer, director and lead, it all manages to be entertaining and highly watchable. Sandberg’s direction is incredibly unique, as is his pacing never lets off the throttle. The pacing borderlines too much at once, and he slows it down with some quirky, very eccentric dialogue moments.

Paying homage to Predator featuring The Hoff himself!
Paying homage to Predator featuring The Hoff himself!

Does that mean this film is for everyone? Not even close. Kung Fury will be a film most people will skip on Netflix because of how ridiculous it looks. Fair enough.

Its styling and substance are unapologetic, but so faithful to the exploitation genre. Despite a budget below a million dollars, it somehow feels far more rich, with great usage of CGI, small set pieces and action sequences.


Kung Fury is an insane film to watch. However, one made with a ton of heart, technical efficiency behind the camera and a love for the 80s Cop genre. For this reason, including its nonsensical, over the top plot, this is a recommended movie.



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