The devastating blow heard around the world.

Just as everyone expected, a relative unknown came in to the ring to take out Ronda Rousey and came out victorious. Wait, whaaaat!?

If by some chance you are not into sports, UFC or pass on the daily news, the UFC title card 193 took place this weekend. It had the current undefeated, multi-time bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey facing the relatively unknown but undefeated Holly Holm. The fight had generated a lot of speculation, debates and drama thanks to both fighters trashing talking back and forth.

The result, well, left most of the sports world absolutely shocked as Ronda Rousey was crushed, knocked out by a lighting quick foot and several hammer punches to the head early in the second round. The loss was the equivalent of seeing Ali get knocked out (which happened) or Michael Jordan lose by 50 in the Finals (never happened).

That neck crunching, pulse pounding kick sent by fighting Holly Holm was an impressive 50 pounds of pressure. The science used, which combined multiple factors going from trajectory, force, and speed show that Holm’s kick was an absolutely devastating blow. Not only that, but medically speaking, it can only take up to 25 pounds to break a bone and Rousey took nearly twice that to one of the most vulnerable parts of her body. Rousey practically took an eight year old child to the neck.


Rousey’s loss came as an absolute shock to the sports world and will change the medium of the sport for quite a while. Rousey’s impressive run brought women’s UFC fighting to the map and was an excellent display of women’s movement in sports. Holm’s win? Well, it might be good enough to extended the appeal, especially if a relative unknown can come in and claim the belt.

What do you guy’s think of Rousey’s loss? Is she still the best? Let us know in the comments below!




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