Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima is easily one of today’s most eccentric gaming developers. His award-winning IP, Metal Gear, has given the video gaming community some of the oddest easter eggs and battles. No sane man would ever think about making players unplug their controllers and enter them into the 2nd player slot mid-game…except maybe Takeshi (but he was on a whole other universe of thinking).

The process behind creating a video game alludes those who are not in the business, and in most cases it even alludes those within the industry being as there is no set game development method. Kojima, after being pestered over and over again, has revealed on his Twitter how he goes about creating his games.

His steps are:

  •  Assign people based on their specialties (especially when dealing with triple A titles)
  •  Omit the above and handle EVERYTHING yourself
  • Understand your game’s 3 basic elements:
    • The Game (Genre?)
    • The Visuals
    • The Sounds
  •  Understanding the story and construction/writing its plot

He words his process differently, but I figured I’d preface it with my interpretation as his language barrier makes his English Tweets just a teeny tiny bit difficult to fully understand.

It may not be the 200+ page For Dummies book we were expecting, but it’s something. It certainly does give us a pretty good understanding as to how he personally goes about creating a game. Rather than sticking to the traditional role of Video Game Director, Kojima tends to be the kind of man who makes every aspect of a game his top priority and personally sees that he get his hands on every creative step, and it shows.

If you clicked on this hoping for an in-depth detailing of the ins and outs of video game development, I’m sorry. Who knows, Kojima has said on numerous occasions that he has plans for a multitude of projects that cross mediums, so maybe a Video Game Development for Dummies book might be somewhere on his to-do list.

However, feel free to check out this guide written by Assassin’s Creed’s lead writer, Darby McDevitt.

Kojima Productions has yet to officially reveal any projects. All that is really known is that Kojima and his new company have partnered up with Sony to bring gamers the very best of the Kojima team (whether that be in games or literally anything else Kojima wants to do).

His Metal Gear series might be moving on without him at the helm, but I’m sure we are all hoping that means Kojima now has more freedom to do as he pleases.

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