HellDivers, the new top down shooter produced by Arrowhead Game Studios, will surprise many people on launch. The art style is fantastic, and the gameplay is fluid. In addition to this there are a plethora of customizable options that allow you to be as unique as you want. The upgrade system is one of a kind, and I will definitely go over that throughout this review.

Camera Angle:


The isometric camera angle assists this game immensely as the game is 4 player co-op; including local and online. The camera angle moves to find a middle point between all 4 players which may limit you, however. On the other hand it does encourage you to think about your positioning, so that your team can see as much as they can.

The height of the camera above the players isn’t as high as you’d think. You expect many of the enemies to be within camera range, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. Some enemies have a high range to their attacks which may set them out of the camera range. This  is why it is best to work on good placement along with your team so that you can see where the enemy is located.



There are a wide range of objectives that you have to overcome to complete a mission; each extremely fluid and aid in the overall gameplay. It gives you something to do other than shooting every alien/friend in sight!

Whether you are capping a point, carrying a briefcase, or activating a S.A.M turret, HellDivers’ objectives are just simply exciting to do! The game mechanics surrounding the objectives also help the way you complete them, which makes it that little bit more unique and exciting whenever a new one comes around.

This also gives an opportunity for you and your teammates to work together to achieve a general goal. The satisfaction of completing one of these objectives is extremely rewarding and satisfying.  The objectives give a purpose to gather 3 friends and conquer many, many planets.



Customization in HellDivers is really interesting. Along with the basics of different clothing and weapon upgrades, the research system is extremely rewarding in conjunction with it still being quite difficult. When progressing through the levels, you unlock new helmets, capes and armor. All of these customizing options provide different aesthetic which can be mixed and matched to fit your personal preference.

When looking through your research terminal, you can surf an upgrade tree for each weapon with a distinct set of upgrades so that you can specialize in close-up mayhem, long-range obliteration, or just a machine gun that rains bullets of pure destruction. It is completely your choice.

Strategems, there is a range of deploy-able resources which help you defend the objective that you need to complete. This can range from ammo crates, to nukes that completely obliterate your enemy. But be careful, friendly fire is on!

Territory Map:


When conquering planets, you add to the territory map that shows your progress within that territory in comparison to your enemies. Every little bit of territory taken will add to a progress bar; showing how much territory you have claimed in a sector. This adds to the motivation of playing, and can be addicting if you want to strive towards taking a taking a certain sector, making teamwork a definite key in achieving success!

Overall, I have found HellDivers to be exhilarating and fun! The art style is fantastic and seems to be optimized very well. However, the camera angle could be improved, maybe it could be centered around your character and have indicators pointing towards your teammates if they happen disappeared off your screen.

I have also found that the waypoints on the map only show a path on your team’s minimap, so there are no indicators on your screen to show you the way. Regardless, I found the territory map to be a great way to motivate you to play/plan with your teammates and defeat your enemies. I also find that the customization feature is brilliant and allows me to have my own style.

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