Green Arrow has blown up a bit over the years. The character has become more popular, and a lot of this has to do with the quality of writing in the comics and the success of The CW’s show. Rebirth’s writer, Benjamin Percy made it abundantly clear that Arrow and this series will be completely different. So, those expecting some of the great parts of the show (or maybe the bad) fear not, as this is a brand new start.


Of all the issues to look forward to, Green Arrow was near the bottom in terms of my excitement. Batman has been the head of the DC universe. Green Lantern was returning. Wonder Woman’s issue looked great. Superman was possibly coming back. I never thought, after completing the issue that Green Arrow, issue one, was the best of the bunch. This in large part to several reasons. One, the characterization of Oliver Queen/Green arrow is spot on. The warm hearted, quick witted, charming socialist is back in full form. He isn’t moody, or overly emotional but played the way he should be.

Secondly, Otto Schmidt’s artwork is inspiring. He manages to balance a great clean sophistication, contrasted well with some unworldly environments. He perfectly captures the heroic look of Oliver Queen, while not aggressively displaying the steroid look so many heroes have now. He carries the emotion over their faces well, and thankfully, the writing fully supports this.


Of course, this being a one shot issue, means that this will be continued on the actual Green Arrow run. Still, a few things were set up, including a new villain, and the introduction of Black Canary. It will be interesting to see how the love interest will play into Oliver’s life going forward.



Fun. Well written and entertaining. Green Arrow’s Rebirth issue might be the strongest of the bunch. A lot of this has to do with Percy’s impeccable writing and Schmidt’s fantastic artwork.

FOUR out of FIVE

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