Game of Thrones

So the new trailer for GOT Season 6 just dropped last night and it looks like this season is going is have more blood, gore and also other things, many other things (you know what I mean).

The first scene is actually one we have seen before, it’s the one were the remaining Nights Watch are trying to get at the ‘dead’ Jon Snow. Next it moves over to Meereen where we see Tyrion trying to sort out the city while Daenerys is absent.

From the looks of things the people he is facing are the old leaders of the city, possibly trying to take it back while Daenerys is gone. We then see Jamie Lanister confronting the high sparrow. Then a quick shot of Melisandre and a Dragon flying over a hoard of people.

Next up are shots of Bran underneath the Weirwood and then next to a White Walker. Daenerys is being stripped of her cloths, I hope that she is not forced to marry again but we will see how it plays out. Shot of Sansa with the stark cygel on here clothes follow that. It looks like this season she is going to pull a ‘Rob Stark’ and raise an army. However this time she is going to try to take back the North from the Boltons.

Following that is Jorah looking more at his Greyscale, he is defiantly going to die but I think he will continue to fight till the end, until the Greyscale consumes him. We also get a confirmed look of Loras and Queen Margery. We now know that they are still awaiting judgement from the high sparrow.

Another thing to note is when we see Sir Davos, if you look behind him you can see a Stark sigil, it looks like he is going to play a part in Sansa’s rebellion.

We also a see a new character over in Meereen. We know that the title for the first episode is ‘The Red Women’ too we will see whats she is there for but possibly she is a Dragon Priest like Melisandre. We then see a bonding between Cersi and Tommen, the actor who plays the king did say that he will be stepping up his game and possibly getting more brutal.

We also get shots of White Walkers destroying stuff, possibly marching on the wall. We then see Sir Davos requesting help from someone ‘the dead are coming’ he says. The closing scene does look like Tyrion gets burnt to crisp but I highly doubt it. However we do get a cool shot of the dragons.

Overall this season looks like this season is going to deliver on what the viewers want. Personally I think season 5 was great but it did feel a bet slow apart from the last episodes. However I think this season is going to deliver on all storylines.

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