half life

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Half-Life Spinoff? Where’s my Half-Life 3?!” Silence, Newell will release it when he feels the gaming community deserves it.

As for what is coming out, Half-Life fans and Portal fans will be delighted to hear that one of Valve’s newest games might include a spin-off title that will bring both worlds together.

Strong emphasis on “might” by the way.

Ever since the whole ‘Half-Life 3 Confirmed’ fiasco began, Newell’s confirmations have been anything but.

All we have to go by for the IP at hand is:

Reddit AMA

It’s not much (pretty much nothing) from an outsider’s perspective, but for Gabe Newell it’s the closet we can get to a confirmation.

Other interesting tidbits to come out of the Newell Reddit AMA was that Valve is looking to VR when it comes to their future announced and unannounced titles.

Could this mean that this new Half-Life/Portal crossover will come in the form of a VR game? Could their current VR game The Lab be there test ‘game’?

Given Valve’s entry into VR War with their HTC collab headset, The Vive, VR could very well be the chosen medium for this new title.

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