I know, I know. What a horrifying title. But it’s true. I’ve always been a huge fan of Nintendo, but ever since I received my first Game Boy Color I’ve been all about Pokémon. I never had any of The Legend of Zelda games on any of my consoles, partly because I was too young to earn the money to buy them, and none of my friends were so hot on it either so I never really fell into it. My Nintendo life has mostly revolved around Pokémon; nothing else.

And then Nintendo introduced the Virtual Console on the 3DS. Naturally I immediately searched for Pokémon games, even though I still had the original copies. But then I saw a whole bunch of The Legend of Zelda games, and thought perhaps it was time to open that door. I mean, I’ve played one of them briefly on a smart phone emulator, but it didn’t really grasp me. Tapping a touch screen isn’t quite the same as pressing physical buttons on a console.

So, after an in depth conversation with my partner, he convinced me to buy The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX.

After beginning the game I receive the usual nostalgic feeling you get when playing something so old and pixelated. I receive my shield from the man with the mustache and left the house I awoke in, only to be greeted with surprise as I bump into a Chain Chomp.

I went to the beach and found my sword, woohoo! You know, chopping up all the grass in every screen is actually quite satisfying. I’ve spent far too long just seeing what I can slice up, without paying attention to what else was happening.

(I would also like to point out that yes, I am aware that I am Link, not Zelda!)

So I continue with the story, collect some heart pieces, kill all the enemies I see, and collect those gem things (rupees?). It took me far too long to realise I had to fall into that well from the ledge above to get that heart piece. Also, has anybody else noticed that those weird blue turtle things in the forest look like Blastoises? No? Just me?

I also made the mistake that the whole of the internet tells you not to do; I attacked the chicken. I thought, you know, it’s a chicken. What’s the worst that could happen? And then you get bombarded with a whole army of them! Thankfully they disappeared when I ran into the next screen.

I got insanely confused with the trading sequence thing. The Yoshi doll and the ribbon were fine, but finding the dog food and the bananas was a nightmare! Perhaps I shouldn’t have saved halfway through and just done it in one go. Thankfully there are a gazillion walkthroughs out there, and this one helped me to remember my place!

Off I go to the first dungeon after completing the confusing trading thing. It took me about 20 hits on one of those Hardhat Beetles to realise you can’t kill them; you have to knock them off the edge. So I made my way through the dungeon, completed the puzzles, killed the enemies, and found the feather, which naturally made getting through the rest of the dungeon a piece of cake.

At this point I’m thinking to myself, you know what? It’s not so hard. There are a couple of confusing parts but the game itself is pretty simple, no struggles.

Aaaaaand then I got to the boss. That weird snake-caterpillar with the unnecessarily sharp tail. It took me SO long to kill this guy! It must have taken me over 30 tries, and I had to do it in three separate sittings as it was making me so mad! He just kept knocking me off into the abyss, I kept trying to jump over him but then he’d turn around suddenly, I’d slice his tail and then he’d freak the hell out and go nuts. I don’t think my heart has ever pounded so hard. I could honestly feel myself getting hotter and hotter as I concentrated harder and harder. I tried to follow snakey from behind and stay out of trouble that way, but it didn’t work. I tried to keep my distance and just jump every time he came near, but that didn’t work. He just kept slithering around being all stupid and caterpillar-y, taunting me with every move.

BUT I finally did it!

And then I realised that was the easy dungeon. The first of many.

So now I’m making my way through the second chapter, sword at the ready.

Wish me luck!

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