No amount of editing can get rid of the overall feeling of “Why?” from the up-incoming Ghostbusters movie, but this fan made trailer sure does make it look a bit better.

By editing it down to just under a minute, this new trailer makes the whole thing easier to swallow and gets rid of a lot of the fluff that made viewers sigh and groan. It even got rid of the part where Jones is slapping the demon out of McCarthy which is where I, personally, lost some hope for the film; can we please stop with the loud black woman trope?

I’m not gonna go and bash the trailer/film, the internet has done enough of that already, because I’m trying keeping all my opinions towards this film to myself until I finally see it.

I would, however, like to ask people to chill; Ghostbusters is not some sacred jewel of film history. It was a very funny movie with an entertaining cast and a cool premise that was followed by a big flop of a sequel. The fact that this remake is happening is questionable, but when is a remake not questionable? We’ve survived 2 Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?) with another one coming soon and 8 James Bonds, I’m pretty sure we can all handle another team of Ghostbusters.

Even though it is a pretty cheap way of bringing diversity to the screen.

I’ll leave a link to the original trailer below so you gals and guys can debate and compare down in the comments; if you want. Or, you can just sit there and grumble if you so choose.


  1. If even a fan made trailer is waaay better than the original then what can we expect from the movie? And not to mention the fact the fan made trailer took out all of the unfunny jokes and silly dialogue and that alone is a huge improvement… This movie has “massive flop” written all over it.

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