With only a few days left until E3 2016, why don’t we join in on the hype train some more by discussing  some of the games I hope to be there.

So the juggernauts are Battlefield 1, Final Fantasy XV, Deus EX: Mankind Divided and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. We all know these games will be there and I personally can not wait for the new Final Fantasy; I will be sure to jump straight on that as soon as Square Enix makes their announcements.

But I’m here to talk about either the less known games that I am excited about or the games that I can hope and wish will be announce at E3 2016

What am I praying for?

So people dream of games coming out with a sequel, but never do. One of the games I am going to talk about is in development and is in beta now. What I hoping to hear is either a UK beta release or an actual game date release at some point during E3 2016. The second game is a hope from a childhood memory that I have wanted ever since I first played it. I still replay it every now and then (is that sad?).

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

I am excited for this for a few reasons. The first is a very small thing, but you know a game is going to be hilarious when the title involves a pun, an innuendo, and the words “South Park”. This alone would be enough to peak my interest, but the first game The Stick of Truth was not only obnoxious, funny and very risky, it was a decent turn based strategy RPG.

So what am I hoping for? I want the same style of combat: decent amount of thought process (but not too much that it distracted you from how ridiculous it really was), a larger variety of useable characters (along with better customization of your own character), ridiculous super heroes and villains (paired with even more ridiculous abilities), and finally…farting.

I want to be able to fart on the people who did me wrong. If they took that out from the first game, I suggest they put it back in, now!

Dishonored 2

If you’ve played the first game, you will understand my reasoning for being excited. If you haven’t played the first game, imagine Assassins Creed mixed with Thief.

But…if you haven’t played them, well then just imagine a really cool game where you assassinate people in an open world environment.

One of my favourite things about Dishonored 1 is the difficulty set by the player. I tried to complete the game without killing a single person, and, although I have been told that it is possible, I could not do it myself.

What do I want? I want more of the same pretty much.

By the looks of the teaser trailer, the graphics are the in the same style, the use of magic is still there, and interesting enemies have remained. What I want most is the same open world feel with multiple ways to kill one person, but most of all I want a strong consequence system, so the way you deal with a target affects the story and the way people act in the future.

Pokemon Go

I can’t be the only person who still loves Pokemon, right? I was around for the release of Pokemon Yellow, and I have been a fan ever since. Why be excited for a game like this? It’s a Pokemon game for one, but it is also a game that lets you walk about the place you live and actually catch Pokemon! If you are not excited to be a Pokemon trainer and “be the best like no one ever was” then I don’t know what to say.

All I really want to see from this game are gyms, but most of all, I want a Pokemon league and elite four. Childhood dreams will be fulfilled.

Enchanted Arms 2

It’s likely that not a lot of people know this game, you either played it and forgot about it or never played it. It was my first game for the Xbox 360 and it was an amazing open world RPG with creative monster designs, interesting and in-depth battle mechanics, and a very interesting story to back it up. I will be forever in debt to the person who remakes, or creates a sequel to this title. However, just know, if you do not do it justice, I will start a riot.

My demands for the game are simple: a prologue to the original story where you can fight in the Great War. This will mean monsters from the original game will be obtainable again, as well as new ones which were used in the great war. Then once, you finish the story, what I want is for an alternative mode that can be multiplayer in the style of Dynasty Warriors Empire and Total War Wwere you can control one of the great country’s army and fight to win the Great War.

It will probably never happen but with E3 2016 around the corner who knows. Let us know what games you are most looking forward to and are there any games you want to see make a triumphant return?

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