**The following contains some spoilers to both The Flash tv show and Batman v Super: Dawn of Justice, but let’s be honest; BvS pretty much spoils itself**

SupermanFollowing the tenuous reception of the launch of DC’s first cinematic universe film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice many fans were left divided, with Zack Snyder’s battle between titans causing future plans for the DC superheroes to come into question.

However, despite this mixed reception at the box office, DC comic book characters have had widespread success with other companies in the form of TV shows; most notably with The CW.

For those who don’t know, CW is the American broadcast television network that produces their own comic book universe using shows like Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and its most recent acquisition, the previously CBS owned Supergirl TV show.

Now with both the TV and Cinematic universes being owned by different companies with their own agendas and directions they wish to go with creatively, these corporations could still connect their shows and movies whilst still maintaining their independent properties.

I know what you might be thinking, it’s impossible both universes use some of the same characters with different actors sometimes with major discrepancies (appearances, age and even characterization).

Characters like Deadshot played by actors with different races can’t be retconned smoothly, and you can’t exactly brush over the casting of a new Flash for the DCCU played by Ezra Miller when CW’s Flash is played by Grant Gustin.

DCThere is a complicated solution that could solve this major problem with uniting these properties: The Multiverse.

For those of you, like myself, that aren’t versed in Quantum Mechanics, it is based on the Many-Worlds Interpretation implication that each choice, event and every possibility creates an alternate universe where that possibility has occurred presenting infinite universes with more created every day.

I know this sounds a bit wibbly wobbly timey-wimey, but it’s essentially the idea that each possibility that has ever happened has its own universe; what if the Nazis won World War 2? There is a universe where that happens (can also be seen in Wolfenstein).

With all this science talk of Quantum Mechanics and Alternate timelines, how does this apply to DC comic book shows and movies? It’s already being applied!

The Flash TV show’s season 2 has presented audiences with The Multiverse, alternate earths that could exist as their own universe; in this case Earth 2. The show uses Earth 2 to give viewers the chance to see what characters would be like if things had happened differently and they did this through the use of doppelgänger, their counterparts from the alternate earth.

So what if the DCCU films could be just another alternate Earth? Using this plot device, the DC films could in fact be fed into The Multiverse that The Flash has created. This has already been done in the show with the revelation that the real Jay Garrick is revealed to be Barry Allen’s father’s doppelgänger from the Earth – 3 alternate universes with distinct changes.

Using The Flash as a hub of sorts, this concept could bridge these properties, with character and story differences attributed to the choices made by those in the past but more importantly it would allow each company stay separate from each other creatively and financially.

SupermanThis concept, if applied correctly, could give some much-needed explanation to the ‘Knightmare’ dream sequence and the Ezra Miller’s Flash Boom-tubing to warn Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne of the potential threat of Superman, as some audiences felt confused as to what exact occurred.

In terms of the future of DC properties, this would be decisive creative decision as it would allow for fan-favourite comic book stories to be produced that don’t normally exist in the DC continuity like Superman: Red Son and the Flashpoint Paradox which both present different twists and takes on beloved characters like; the Soviet Superman found in the former.

At the end of the day, this is just a hopeful thought that might not come to fruition as both companies will probably be too petty to come to a settlement. Let us know what you think about a shared DC universe on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.

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