When Bethesda announced that they were going to release a Pip Boy Edition of Fallout 4, which would come with a wearable Pip Boy replica (obviously), fans lost their minds.

No one was really expecting it to come cheap, which is probably why the YouTube crafting channel, DIY Prop Shop, decided to make a how-to video on making your very own Pip Boy.

Granted, it is no way going to look or feel as authentic as the officially licensed Pip Boy, and it does require the use of a smart phone capable of running the Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout Pip Boy App. But remember, you’re saving yourself a good chunk o’ change, so don’t go expecting perfection.

Originally, the Fallout 4: Pip-Boy Edition would end up costing you around $165, whereas this handmade prop would take at most $30 from you. Odin, the man with the coolest name and co-host of DIY Prop Shop, only spent about $20 for his build, but that was because he already had the paints needed for the Pip Boy at his disposal.

If you’d like to see more of Odin and his co-hosts Dylan and Vinny, make sure to check out their channel, AWE Me, where you can also check out some really AWEsome fantasy weapons come to life via the hard work of the Stagmer Brother of Baltimore Knife & Sword whose most recent build includes a real-life version of Artorias’ Great Sword from Dark Souls III.

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