The Holidays are a special time. Unfortunately, some of us get wrapped up in the finer bits of it and forget about those in need or simply doing something for someone else. Thankfully, every now and then someone steps up, insert Wallace Gilberry.

If you are unaware of Wallace Gilberry, the NFL player is a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. The mighty 6’2, 270 pound man is a talented defensive end from Alabama and clearly, his heart drives his massive frame.

Gilberry, out of complete randomness, decided to pick a family of seven out at Target. The selection would get a PS4, a choice of a few games and a new controller, all on him. The act of kindness was done at random, with no camera, or no attention drawn to it.


Wallace Gilberry

Thankfully, someone in the store witnessed this happen and was kind enough to take a picture and took to Reddit, documenting the act for the internet to see. Wallace Gilberry’s story is about hard work and sacrifice. Originally, out of High School, he received no offers to play College football. He settled into an IHOP job as a waiter, before being promoted to store manager. Thankfully, he was invited to a camp for a Mississippi-Alabama All Star Game, a game in which he dominated the competition, received offers for multiple Colleges and went on to play Professional Football.

If anything, the act of kindness (reports document Gilberry doing something like this over a dozen times, already) shows that anybody can do anything nice from someone and expect nothing in return. Good work, Wallace Gilberry.


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