Batman v Superman

Is Batman v Superman still a thing? I thought we threw that movie into the abyss along with God’s of Egypt and that one movie where Shrek plays a love therapist.

Ben AffleckWarner Bros., as ashamed as they may be about how bad Batman v Superman did, keeps adding fuel to the fire by reminding people that it exists. However, this time around it comes in the shape of a re-release for the film rather than a barrage of Sad Affleck memes.

The world already caught wind of WB aiming to release an R-rated extended cut for Batman v Supermansomething many people saw as a last-ditch effort to bring in more money for the film after reviews had their way with it.

Months later, rumors began floating around that WB was planning on releasing said cut to theaters; adding in more fuel to the fanboy flames surrounding BvS.

Now all those rumors can rest because Warner Bros. has green lit a Batman v Superman re-release. However, unlike the original run, this extended cut will only be available in certain areas, effectively lowering the amount disappointed theater goers (check the listings here and see if you’re safe).

Batman v SupermanOkay, jokes aside; I think this is pretty good move on WB’s side. Judging by all the many negative reviews in regards to Zack Snyder’s titan clash DCCU film, the one overarching flaw of the film was the pacing and content congestion in the film.

By extending Batman v Superman (a film that already runs a staggering 2 hours and 33 minutes), it will hopefully open up all those tight cuts and character development thwarts riddled throughout the film.

Of course, there is still the looming threat of just getting more…crap…from this extended cut. As pretty as Snyder’s films look, they too tend to fall flat in terms of quality content.

Although I do not necessarily trust Snyder, I am holding on to the chance that this re-release will allow fans some closure to many of the scenes in Batman v Superman that felt a little too short for their own good.

If anything, we’ll be getting more Batfleck, which everyone pretty much agrees is the best part of the BvS.


Love Guru! That’s the film I was thinking of. Man, that movie sucked. Shrek deserves better.

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