Alien – The impeccable sci-fi movie of the late 1970s that blew the brains of movie goers and sci-fi nerds alike. It was, dare I say, a revolutionary film for the time as it not only excelled in it’s art and sound design, but also broke the rules of filmmaking in many ways. Much like it’s leading actress, it was a “rebel.” The sequel to this classic was then given to the hands of the now renowned king of the blue aliens, James Cameron. And, although in my opinion an inferior to it’s original, Aliens delivered on all fronts to make it a great successor and continue the stellar franchise. Then, years later, we got…honestly, it pains me to even bring up what happened next, so let’s just move ahead to the real topic of this article.

Earlier this year Neil Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium, Chappie) showed off some concept art for a possible Aliens reboot. After much fan hype from the pictures, Fox greenlit the project and it has supposedly been in the works in terms of scripting for the past few months. Originally, it was to be so that Blomkamp would be the one in the director’s chair while good ol’ Ridley Scott would take the producing role. Seems like an almost perfect match. Say whatever you wish, but I actually quite enjoy Blomkamp’s work, even if Elysium didn’t hit all the right notes and Chappie even less so, his approach and passion towards sci-fi filmmaking is admirable. Plus the artwork he laid out really seemed to get the essence of what would make a proper Aliens movie, so that all of us can get that sour taste left in our mouths out by the last couple entries.


But I digress. So where is the project now? Well, the movie dubbed, ‘Alien 5’ that Blomkamp was hard at work with, was moved aside as Scott wanted to focus on the sequel to Prometheus. A few weeks later, the movie was labeled to be put “On Hold” for an “Indefinite” period of time. More time passed and Blomkamp moved on to another sci-fi project called, “The Gone World.” Oh these men and their sci-fi fetishes. However, now that The Martian has been in the box office for some time and has received universal acclaim, it seems that Ridley Scott is right back on the horse with ‘Alien 5.’ In a recent interview with IGN, the director stated,

“I’m trying to keep this [franchise] to myself…I’m trying to resurrect the beast”

He went on to mention that he intends for there to be two more sequels to the Prometheus movies, making it a full trilogy, which will all be prequels to the original films.

Fast forward to today, and Fox has officially announced that the Prometheus sequel, then titled ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’ is now in the works and will see a release date in 2017 with the new title, Alien: Covenant. This will be the second installment in what seems to be a prequel trilogy to the original films.

So…What about Blomkamp and an actual sequel/reboot? A.k.a ‘Alien 5’?

neill-blomkamp-and-ridley-scottWell it seems that Blomkamp is still assuring fans that the title has not been cancelled. However the quote above seems to be a clear indication that Scott wants full creative control over his precious franchise. So it seems more and more likely that Blomkamp’s idea of the film will never come to fruition on the big screen. Which, to be honest, is a shame. Again, say all you want, but seeing the concept art and the direction style of Blomkamp, I truly believe that his take on an ‘Alien’ film could truly be reminiscent of the orginal with added flavour. Furthermore, The Martian aside, Scott has had a run of B/C grade movies in the past years. What I worry is that he will either A. Try too hard to recreate the essence of the original(s) or B. Try too hard to make the entire plot, prequels included, make sense and in turn become way too complicated/convoluted. Or worse, both. Right now I think there’s an underlying power struggle between the two artists, or maybe Scott has already gotten Blomkamp annoyed enough for him to not care for the films anymore. This is all just speculation at this point as we don’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes. But regardless, at least we have one new ‘Alien’ movie coming our way, even if it may be a prequel.

What do you guys think? Will Scott and Blomkamp figure out a way to work together on this film or does Scott want all of it to himself? Who would you want directing the film if it were to come out? Let us know in the comments below!


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