Fallout 4

If you are behind on the times let’s catch you up–Fallout 4 is all the craze these days.

How so? Well, its controversial leaks, unboxing videos, Pip Boy Collector’s Edition and week away release are practically distorting the inter-webs thanks to buzz. Bethesda Game Studios (The Elder Scrolls franchise) has been hard at work for nearly five years on this upcoming, massively anticipated title. Heck, from the moment game-play was revealed, fans and critics alike were already calling for Game of the Year worthy. Why you ask? Here are five reasons why Fallout 4 will be crowned king this year.

5. Fallout 4 is Massive

Fallout 4

Bethesda is known to make dense games. For one, they can make incredible map sizes. To traverse Skyrim, a player needs to walk nearly two hours to reach from side to side. The same can be said for this year’s Game of the Year candidate, The Witcher 3. Some quick Reddit reports have the game’s initial walk through at ten minutes. So, is this an issue? No, as Bethesda Game Studios has done in the past with previous Fallouts and will continue to do, the maps, while not always being the largest, are usually filled with content. Bethesda constructed the boroughs of Boston, implanting each with their own identity, filled with quests, interesting NPCs and added RPG elements. Developers have stated this game will take nearly 300 hours of game-play to complete this game–and then some.

4. Fallout 3 was Game of the Year

Fallout 4

Sure, the success of Fallout 3 is no evidence that Fallout 4 will follow suit. That being said, the same team is here and have constructed a bigger world with better, much better technology, so why not a repeat? Fallout 3 slayed game awards the year it was released (2008) and scored above a 90% on GameRankings/MetaCritic. It also shipped well over 4.7 million copies worldwide. To say Fallout 3 was a success is an incredible understatement and that game had as much hype, if not a little less than November 10ths upcoming successor.

3. New Elements

Fallout 4

The Fallout franchise is known for it’s narrative, post-apocalyptic wasteland dreariness. Somehow, someway, Bethesda finds an element of charm, maybe even more redeeming than in its sister franchise, The Elder Scrolls. That being said, while Fallout 3 was quite fun, it did have room to improve in terms of content that was worthy of your time. Bethesda answered the call with extensive game-play mechanic upgrade to practically everything. You will now be able to create, modify and build settlements in the boroughs you travel to. Think Mad Max meets The Sims. Your settlements will house unique NPCs, desperate to make it through the world, much like you. These settlements will run on electricity and can be built up to feature lights, weapons, robots, etc. Not only that but Bethesda has made a reason for you to go looting with a new weapons/armor upgrade system. These upgrades are nearly unlimited and can drastically change the value, effectiveness and aesthetics of your weaponry. The world of Fallout just got even bigger.

2. The Story 


Fallout is not a generic wasteland. NPCs all have motives that may or may not interact with your’s. Nevertheless, the journey is more than survival but about traveling/exploring a world that is familiar yet ravaged. Despite all these traits, Bethesda has pushed the limit a bit more with a story that has some people asking, “Wait, what?”. The game will initially start off in 2077 and then follow the events of an atomic bomb dropping. Your present day, user created character will then appear two hundred years later. Perhaps time travel is in place or maybe even cryo-genically freezing. Whatever it maybe, it will play a big part into Fallout 4’s narrative and clearly has fans asking question.


1 The Hype Will Carry It

Fallout 4

If you were expecting the number one reason to be something ground-breaking, you might be looking in the wrong place. Look, Bethesda Game Studios makes journeys, rather than video games. They don’t EA/Ubisoft a series into an annual release, it just won’t happen. They aspire to make groundbreaking, imaginative worlds that you want to play in for long periods of time. What they do is entirely commendable because, like previously mentioned, so many franchises are becoming annual releases just for financial sake. Sure, Call of Duty will have a fun multiplayer but the depth of game-play will never touch a Bethesda production, it just won’t. For this reason, and the insane amount of buzz revolving around the game (every little leak has blown up over the internet). It is hard not to see this just winning for namesake, alone. Sure, it has some competition with The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid. However, even those, as popular as they were, did not bring the fans or attention that Fallout 4 is bringing.

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