Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Multiplayer has been out for about 3 weeks now and the general consensus is that people are liking the game. This is due to many reasons, here are 4:

1. Customization

The last few installments of Call Of Duty have had some form of customization, but none to the extent of Black Ops 3.

With the inclusion of ‘Specialists’ there are now more customization to go with.  From which gun and camo your specialist shows in the pre-game lobby, to how your specialist looks with items you’ve earned from either continue usage of your specialist or from the new supply drops that offer gun, taunts, calling cards and even full emblems to rock in the game.

A good thing to mention is that you can get emblems, gun camos and calling cards for playing the other game modes, like Zombies, and the campaign which all carry over to each other.

2. Specialists

The Specialists feature in Black Ops 3 Multiplayer has brought a huge plus to the franchise, and I hope it will carry on into future Call of Duty installments.

They give a much-needed fresh tone to the franchise. Some might argue that some Specialist options are more powerful than others, but I’d disagree as it all depends on how you play.

For example, my favorite specialist is the ‘Scythe’ which is a robot with a mini gun for an arm (sounds over powered already, I know), but hear me out: the reason this specialist isn’t particularly over used is that the mini gun doesn’t shoot immediately; it has a spin time (as I call it), which is its balancing mechanic. Another example would be the War Machine Specialist whose balancing mechanic is (unless you hit someone directly) that the grenade it fires bounces off the ground and splits into 3 less powerful grenades.

3. Balancing

 Call of Duty is a franchise which is constantly getting hate from its most reliable players every year for not being balanced. Whether that is an overpowered kill streak or only having two good guns in the whole game ( yes, that was a shot being fired to Advanced Warfare).

However, this year I feel the game is heavily balanced. For the first time in a while I feel that you actually have to pick your gun according to the map that has been voted (the maps themselves are also very balanced).

Most of the maps have a medium paced game-play behind them, which appeals to both fast-paced players and slow-paced players. Even though all of these are reasons why you should play multiplayer, I must include that a lot of the maps on this game heavily encourage head-glitching (just a note to take).

4. Maps, and how they play with the ‘new’ jump boost

The reason that I put ‘new’ was that the jump boost in this Call of Duty is different to Advanced Warfare‘s.

Advanced Warfare’s boost jump was too fast and allowed the player to boost from left to right during combat. The maps didn’t even feel like they were made for a game that quick.

On the other hand, in Black Ops 3 the boost is mostly only for jumping and sliding (the only suitable use during combat). The jumping is far too slow to be used for direct combat (even though it can be used for a quick getaway sometimes), and the wall run is literally only used for traversing the map quicker at certain spots, but if you aren’t careful enough and try to shoot someone to the side of you whilst wall running you can die.

Overall Black Ops 3’s Multiplayer is very fun and balanced and the new 3 year cycle has paid off as this game feels different enough to be fresh, but not different enough for you to get the nostalgia of the older Black Ops and Call of Duty games.

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